Foyer Familial d’Etudiants Toulouse

The hostel is neither hotel nor restaurant.

To ensure safety, quality of life and good relationships among students, it is useful to know and observe a few rules.

Rules of the hostel

The reception

It is a place to welcome visitors and to control the access to the hostel. It is a place where the life at the hostel is organised. The residents come here to solve their minor problems and also get help and advice.

  • The Reception is open :
    • During the week : from 8.30am to 9.00pm
    • On Saturday : from 9.00am
    • On Sunday : from 10.00am
  • The hostel doors are closed at 10.00pm.

During the night, in the eventuality of illness or security issue, the students can call the Hostel Manageress with their telephone or using that on each floor.

The room

  • The students must keep their rooms tidy and clean and provide their own cleaning material.
  • The safety rules forbid the use of any extra heating and electric rings in the rooms. No meal should be eaten there.
  • Pets are not admitted.
  • The Hostel Manageress reserves the right to enter the rooms, when she deems necessary.
  • At the end of the University year the students must take away all their belongings, even when they know they are coming back the following year.
  • Any damage to a room is the responsibility of the student who used it.


Breakfast and evening meal = half board.
It is always possible for a student to take some lunchtime meals at the hostel:

  • Get some meal vouchers at the Reception
  • The evening before, write your name on the notice board near the dining room.

To invite members of your family or friends during the week, get meal vouchers at the Reception and let the catering team know about it the night before.

Times of meals

Meals are served from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays and Christmas and Spring breaks..

  • Self service breakfast between 6.00 and 9.00am
  • Meals served in the dining room betwen 12.00 and 13.30pm and at 7.30pm

In the event of late lectures, the evening meal can be kept until 9.30pm. As the catering staff is leaving at 8.30pm, the washing up and cleaning of the tables must be done by the students.

Non working days

No meals served on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
It is possible to prepare a meal in the kitchenette next to the dining room :

  • Provide your own utensils and ingredients
  • Leave cooking tops and sinks clean after use
  • Keep your own utensils in your room
  • Do not take the hostel crockery to your rooms.


They are in the kitchenette and are for everybody’s use.

  • Do not overload them
  • Respect other people’s property
  • Keep your own utensils in your room
  • Do not leave behind food which is out of date.

Depending on the room, and with the consent of the Hostel Manageress, your own fridge can be installed in your room.

Washing machines and dryers

They are used with coins and bank-notes.

  • Follow exactly the instruction for use of the machines
  • Do not overload the machines
  • Promptly collect the dry linen


During the day :

Visitors must report to Reception and must leave the hostel before 10.00pm
The students may have their family and female friends in their rooms
Male friends are met in one of the common rooms on the ground floor

Night visits :

Depending on the number of empty rooms, a mother, a father a sister or a brother can stay at the hostel for a few nights (cf. prices).

People safety

  • Record cards kept at the Reception enable the students to indicate if they are in or out. They are needed to control the evacuation of the building in case of fire; it is therefore of the utmost importance to make use of them.
  • In the case of a student away for a certain amount of time (week-end, holidays, night spent out of the hostel), she is asked to give: the telephone number of the place where she is, the day and date of return, in order to be able to contact her in case of emergency.


It is wise to have a basic First Aid Box.
When leaving the room:

  • Switch off all electric appliances
  • Close the windows (rain can come unexpectedly)
  • Lock the door
  • The doors have safety locks with numbered keys. Any copy made of the original key can damage the lock. Only the supplier can make one.
    20€ will be asked for the loss of a key.

Respect for one another

After10.00pm and before 8.00am, do not make a noise which could disturb the study or the rest of the others.

No smoking is allowed in the rooms and the corridors.

A student can be expelled from the hostel:

  • When she deliberately ignores, again and again, the rules of the hostel
  • When she behaves inappropriately towards people
  • Within 24 hours in the event of theft, and the use or possession of spirits or drugs.
  • Phone : 33 6 10 99 41 91
       or 33 5 61 14 73 00
  • Fax : 33 5 61 14 73 02
  • Email