Foyer Familial d’Etudiants Toulouse

Viewing this pictures of the Foyer Familial will give some idea of it.

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The best of course will be to come and visit us!
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Virtual guided tour


This is the view you will have as you come in. Notice the plants and the opening on to the courtyard.

On your left = a pleasant place for a chat.
You can see at right the opening on to the courtyard.

On your right = the Reception.
It is the nerve centre of the Hostel = telephone switch-board, control and surveillance of access through cameras, opening of the doors, visitors welcome, welcome and admission of workmen carrying out maintenance work... the list is far from complete!
But it is above all a place where the students are sure to meet someone who will give an to their questions.

The entrance hall and the mezzanin seen from the inner courtyard.

The inner courtyard with, on the right, the entrance hall veranda.

The rooms

They are spread over two buildings. These are the students’ private quarters.


A cook and a team are concerned about elaborate balanced home made food.

From left to right :

  • Dining-room, courtyard side.
  • Dining-room, garden side.
  • Festive meal = the Chef flambé-ed dessert is cheered by the students.
  • Festive meal by candlelight.
Birthdays and specials moments are oppurtunities for festivities (Christmas, end of year celebrations, etc.).


A quiet place, a garden, the sun ... A nice way to relax after many hours spent attending lectures.

Television room

One of the friendly and comfortable television rooms.

Reading room

The mezzanine is used as a reading room.

Study room

One of the study rooms = working together.


Cameras, intercom, door codes, security is not a trivial word for us !

The oratory

This prayer room is open to anyone and everyone wishing to meditate and pray.

The chapel

It is the chapel of the Religious Community in charge of the Hostel.

  • Phone : 33 6 10 99 41 91
       or 33 5 61 14 73 00
  • Fax : 33 5 61 14 73 02
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